Newfield Network

Newfield Network

Newfield Network is a global organization that provides professional coach training and leadership development services. Newfield coaches are rigorously trained in Newfield's proven process, which is based on principles of adult learning and development. Newfield's approach to coaching focuses on helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential.

Newfield Network was established in 1992.

Over three decades, the Newfield Network has trained 65,000 brilliant coaches, leaders, and individuals to be powerful agents of change.

Ontology is the Foundation Behind Newfield’s Approach

Newfield’s ontological coaching is based on the study of being. Often considered new learning practices, the study of being is an age-old branch of philosophy that looks at the nature of reality and existence.

Ontology entails understanding yourself and others as astute, sensitive observers has a significant influence: it allows you to choose. Instead of going down the same failed paths reactively, your vision will be expanded beyond what you've known before in terms of your leadership, coaching, and personal life.

This entails a shift from looking for meaning outside ourselves to seeing it inside ourselves. Contrary to traditional interventions, a Newfield coach is aware that we can find what we're after by looking within. In other words, an ontological approach aids us in suspending judgment and assessments while maintaining a posture of acceptance, dignity, and curiosity.

Body, Language, and Emotion Are Integrated in Newfield's Coach Training

Newfield Network and their ontological approach to learning recognizes the full humanity of each student: language, body (somatics), and emotion.

Lasting Transformations

Newfield Network has a proven track record of helping individuals and organizations achieve lasting transformations to meet the pressing demands of life in the modern age.

ICF Accredited

Newfield Network is recognized as an Accredited Coach Training Program, by the International Coaching Federation, who offers the only international education credentialing program for coaching services.